5-year-old transforms into miniature Mozart when his fingers touch the keys

I am in complete awe of this boy.

His feet can’t even reach the pedals, but that doesn’t stop this pint-sized prodigy from showing off his mad piano skills!
Some people are lucky enough to be born with all the talents and abilities of the late, great musical geniuses of human history. Take this 5-year-old Italian boy wonder, for example.

While most kids his age are taking naps and learning their ABC’s in kindergarten, Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani is schooling adults on the finer points of Mozart with his expert-level precision and grace.

It’s not something you can just learn by taking a few piano lessons. Some things are just hard-coded in your DNA!

Not much is known about Alberto other than the fact that he’s from Italy and is the exact opposite of low-key. But, if the number of smartphones being held up by onlookers is anything to judge him by, then it says he’s definitely film-worthy.

With fast-flying fingers and the intensity of someone who has many more years of experience on him, Alberto isn’t afraid to show the crowd just how bold, fierce, and brilliantly gifted he is.

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