A schoolboy sent a gift to a poor girl in the Philippines, and 14 years later, by chance, they became husband and wife

An ordinary schoolboy sent a Christmas present to a poor unknown girl in the Philippines – such an action took place in a school. In those years, Tyler Wolfe was only 7 years old. It is unlikely that he could imagine that after many years, by chance, this same girl would become his wife.

Tyler himself had no idea who would receive his gift box. According to the rules of the school action, each student chose a gift, wrapped it and brought it to the common room. After that, the gifts were sent by post.

Tyler’s gift went to Joan Marchand, who grew up in a fairly poor family. A parcel from a distant country was an important event for her.

After 11 years, the matured Tyler saw that an unknown girl wanted to join him on the social network. He rejected the request, but the girl sent another one.

I decided, suddenly, it’s a friend of a friend of mine. Did I remember this gift? I didn’t even think about it,” Wolfe said.

A few days later, the girl wrote to Tyler and attached her childhood photo with a gift. The guy was amazed and immediately accepted Joanna’s offer to come visit.

When they met, Tyler realized how much he loved Joanna. A few months later they started dating and three years later they got married. This is how a deep childhood decision changed the lives of two people at once for the better.

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