The bridesmaid came to the wedding in a transparent dress and diverted all the attention of the guests

One of the guests of a magnificent wedding shared a story that was not the most pleasant for the bride. Her friend practically stole the entire ceremony: she came to the party in a dress so transparent that everyone looked only at her.

The author of the story wished to remain anonymous, and this is understandable. In the end, one of the participants in the events could recognize himself.

Came to the wedding in a transparent dress. And then she put on another, transparent and red. Guess if the bride was happy, wrote the narrator

Commentators agreed that the bride should have been just furious.

I don’t think they are friends anymore. I bet money, everyone was only looking at this beauty – @robbywith

The author of the story confirmed the commentators’ version. It turned out that the woman was also a bridesmaid, and put on a dress of this style out of envy.

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