The man did not listen to anyone and invested all the money in a collapsed house. Six months later, he was envied

The man did not listen to anyone’s advice – he invested all the money in an old house on the outskirts. Behind him, only the laughter of neighbors and old acquaintances was heard, but after six months they were envious of him.

The decision to buy a house was not easy for a man. In fact, there was no other choice: there was not enough money for a large apartment in the city, one that would fit the whole family.

Therefore, it was decided to buy an old, unsightly-looking house about 60 kilometers from the city. Let his acquaintances laugh at the man’s decision, but he himself roughly imagined what he wanted to do.

Купил старый дом и превратил его в особняк

First of all, the attic was dismantled and the second floor was built on. The work was overwhelming, everything was done by hand.

Построил дом своими руками

As they say, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing. This is exactly our case, – the owner of the house recalled after the construction.

Уникальный дом своими руками

In addition to the second floor, the house has a spacious veranda, all the decoration inside did not take much time.

Six months later, the house was ready. The mocking voices of acquaintances and neighbors subsided – the two-story mansion on its own land could only envy.



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