Sweet moment when 2-year-toddler boy sees his mom as a bride

A bride recently gave up the spotlight on her wedding day to her 2-year-old son. Kristie Mihelich never dreamed her son would end up stealing the show, but she was so happy he did!

In the wake of deferring their service because of the pandemic, Kristie and her husband Bobby wedded in Michigan. Meanwhile, during the deferral, they became parents to their son, Pierson.

They had consistently made arrangements for him to be the ring carrier for the function. Pierson remained at the front with his father as Kristie seemed to start her stroll down the walkway to the natural song, ‘Group in D.’

Pierson couldn’t hold back his energy. He hollered out, ‘Hello, Mom!’ Then, he waved and ran toward her with his arms outstretched. Every one of the visitors adored it and rooted for him.

Kristie wound up strolling down the passageway with her son Pierson and her sibling, Kirk. It was a spontaneous stroll down the passageway that turned out to be great and fitting.

She said, ‘It was the best thing on the whole planet. I in a real sense might have returned home at that moment and been so content with my wedding.’ The visitors and man of the hour cherished the second as well.

Pierson’s excitement set the vibe for the whole wedding, which was an immense achievement. Kristie said, ‘I could never have arranged it differently, and I wouldn’t need it differently.’


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