The house has stood empty for over 70 years, but the things inside are still in place.

In Britain, not far from the town of Fleetwood, an abandoned 19th century mansion has been discovered, the atmosphere of which inside has remained “alive”.

The discovery was shared by photographer-researcher Dean Slader. His hobby is traveling the country looking for abandoned buildings, studying them and taking pictures. But this rural estate impressed the photographer the most.

It is surprising that in 70 years the farm has not collapsed, but has even remained in very good condition. From the outside, the building gives the impression that someone could live there now.

But the most terrible and at the same time exciting is the situation inside. The house is filled with objects and household items, which are arranged as if for a second, life is in full swing in this room.

However, this impression is dispelled by the abundance of dust and decaying wallpaper. This whole image makes it look like they left the house instantly, leaving everything behind.

Many facts indicate that the mansion found belongs to the 1950s. This is evidenced by the characteristic interior of this period and the abandoned newspaper dated 1950.

Also, Dean captured all the surroundings he saw inside. In the photographs you can see children’s toys, a stroller, furniture – all this remained intact.

Slider was very intrigued by the mysterious “ghost house” and decided to investigate its history. After talking with local residents, the photographer discovered that the house had previously been inhabited by a family: a certain Mary Cowell and her two sons. There is an opinion that the brothers had a conflict with each other, because of which, after the death of their mother, it was decided that the estate would not be inherited by any of them.


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