The man instead of an apartment spent all the money on a rusty houseboat and caused laughter. But in 8 weeks, he launched a floating palace

The young master did not have enough money to buy an apartment and he invested all his savings in a rusty houseboat.

Friends ridiculed him – over the next 8 weeks, the man launched a floating palace.


Billy Walden always loved carpentry, understood electricity and understood that in principle he could really outfit an old houseboat like a house.

The difficulty lay in the layout of the ship. This is a river barge for narrow canals, all parts had to be placed on one side of a narrow corridor

At the back, the master left a place for a dining area under the kitchen. Nearby there was enough space for a shower with an almost complete bathroom.

The captain has defined the cockpit space for his bedroom. And to top it off, he came up with a folding roof – a real floating convertible came out.

The captain brought the barge into the canals near London. It turned out to be a much better apartment and traveling is now much easier.

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