American artist Bob Morehead built a city of 425,000 toothpicks

Toothpicks are very useful for oral hygiene, but for Bob Morehead, they are important for more than that, informs Ukr.Media.


For almost 40 years, a resident of Virginia (USA) has been using sharp wooden sticks to create miniature buildings and structures.

Художник-самоучка Боб Морхед построил город из 310 000 зубочисток (фото) |  Культура | Селдон Новости

Many are those who wish to admire the impressive creations of the talented 57-year-old master.


Города из зубочисток | МАМУЛ.ам - Новости из Армении, Арцаха (Нагорный  Карабах) и мира

The craftsman is working on his biggest project since 1983. This is Bob’s Toothpick City, which took 425,000 toothpicks to create. However, the amazing city is not finished at all. At this time, Bob started a new “area” and predicts that in a year or two the artwork will already consist of half a million toothpicks.

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