The waiter surprised restaurant customers by carrying 33 plates with dishes at once

An Australian waiter surprised social media users by taking 33 plates of food for guests. According to the husband, this is much more convenient than constantly returning to the kitchen for washing dishes, informs Ukr.Media.

The server’s name is Mohammed Zidat and he hasn’t been in the restaurant business for over a year. As the man said, the institution has enough employees, but he came up with the idea to optimize the process.

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“Why go back to the kitchen again and again when you can serve all the customers at once?” commented the waiter.

Zidat shared: carrying 33 plates is not difficult, the main thing is to catch up with the balance. And though Mohammed looked calm at the time, social media users broke into a sweat watching the man.

“Yeah come on crush my order with all these plates,” one commenter wrote.

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