A woman photographed a storm and recorded a ‘figure’ walking through the clouds — claiming it was God

New video that was recently posted on the net that made religious, spiritual and even atheistic people debate.

A woman decided to photograph a storm that raged outside of Tacosloosa, Alabama, but what she caught in the camera is now spreading like wildfire.

When she filmed the clouds she witnessed something that looked like a mysterious figure ‘walking’ in the sky.

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During the video, still unaware of the mysterious figure, she says, «Hey, we have a storm here, we do not have electricity, everything flies in the wind, boxes, trees..»

It was not until the video was released that people who watched it started pointing out a shadowy figure that seemed to be heading in the direction of the sky and then a bright space in the clouds.

A friend of the woman who published the video, Lisa, is one of the first to report that she witnessed something amazing.

On Facebook she wrote, «You can not tell me that my God is not real! Thank God for using my friend to expose it to me, to see it, to believe it».

But others are still not convinced. One Twitter user responded, «I watched the video more than 7 times, I don’t see anything … maybe it’s my phone, I do not know..»

Watch the vide0 yourself and tell us what you think in comments below:

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