Les Singapouriens ont mis au point une maison compacte Cube Two pouvant accueillir confortablement 4 personnes.Son intérieur est surprenant

The Cube Two compact portable house from the Singaporean company Nestron is designed for an average family of 2-4 people.

Despite its incredibly small size, the cube house has an open layout, where you can not only live, but also relax with loved ones.

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The developers also introduced a special ceiling dome, allowing families to share the joy of stargazing and satisfying children’s curiosity about nature and the universe.

Double bedrooms give you the flexibility to conveniently divide up personal space, and the open-plan concept increases usable area by 15% compared to a traditional home.

Nestron’s Cube Two houses are a free-standing structure that does not require a foundation. They can be placed on any flat surface and connected to the appropriate communications.

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The house is fully furnished. Most of the furniture is built-in and is included in the base price. “Buy, unbox, and live,” call the developers, promising worldwide shipping and a 15-year heavy-duty warranty.

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Dimensions of the cube house: length 8500mm × width 3400mm × height 3200mm. Area: 24.7 m². Weight: 7000 kg.

Composition: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bar, bathroom/WC.

Exterior: beautiful decor + skylight.

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