The girl found in the ocean a touching letter written 16 years ago on the other side of the world

Nikki Saadat lives in Vancouver, Canada. The young girl is eco-volunteer and often cleans the city beaches of garbage. One day she noticed a plastic bottle brought by the waves.

There are no more labels or markings, but there was clearly something inside the bottle. Nikki opened it and found an almost faded letter. But what was written on the paper, she did not understand. The text was written in a language she did not know.

Saadat brought the discovery to the university where she studied. She told her friends about the letter, but none of her friends could understand what was written. Only a few weeks later, Saadat found someone who managed to read the letter. It turned out that it was written in one of the Indonesian languages.

It was a message that a man named Joris Naikambo wrote to his mother. The letter was very touching, filled with love and remorse for my mother.

Joris asked for forgiveness. For not listening to his good advice, for being ashamed of his not the most honorable job, for his arrogance. “You worked for me so that we could have food every day. You never complained about anything, unlike me,” the son wrote. The date on the paper was November 2003.

Nikki tried to find Nicambo through social media. However, there were no users with that name on social media. Then she turned to the Indonesian community in Vancouver with a plea for help.

It was possible to learn about Joris only small crumbs. He is therefore a Christian and grew up in a village in eastern Indonesia. Maybe he worked overseas or on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, that was all the information.

Saadat hopes that one day she will be able to find the author of the letter or its recipient.

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