Why Copenhagen’s houses are surrounded by strange oval courtyards

What you can’t do to bring neighbors together: Sorensen’s interesting idea, which is Nerum’s calling card.

Danish wonders
Art in Denmark occupies a very important place. The great storyteller Anderson was born in its open spaces, as well as the “Little Book of Happiness”.

The architecture deserves special attention. Not far from the capital is a small area called Nerum, containing no more than forty unusual oval-shaped plots. The architect Sorensen, who was inspired by modernism, wanted to build something wonderful, so that the geometric shapes could be seen from a bird’s eye view. Instead of a grid of ovals, a chaotic group of circles appeared, but, nevertheless, it had its own charm.

Each terrace has its own design. Buyers could build anything from a garden to a vegetable patch.

An additional grace to its creation is added by the hedges that adorn each foyer. But the main highlight of this masterpiece is the absence of roads.

The owners of houses, returning from work, leave their iron horses outside the neighborhood. Thus, they spend more time outdoors and interacting with their neighbors.

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