7 Best Friends Bought Their Dream Home To Retire Together

Eleven years ago, 7 friends got together, and one of them joked: they say, can’t we buy a house for everyone to settle in after 60?

After some time, they started looking for real estate in the Guangzhou area (China). They ended up finding a house in the countryside, surrounded by nature.


They have been friends for 20 years, so they decided not to wait until old age to realize their dream:

“We’ve worked together, and sometimes we’re closer to each other than sisters.”

The house was built of red bricks, but the friends decided to rebuild it. They added a glassed-in room overlooking the pitch, where they now drink tea.

The house has 3 floors in total. On the first floor there is a common area where they cook and eat. The bedrooms are upstairs and there is a swimming pool in the courtyard. Throughout the house there are rugs and tables that friends brought back from trips to India and Morocco.

The friends agreed that each of them would teach the others a skill: cooking, practicing traditional Chinese medicine, playing a musical instrument, growing vegetables, etc.

Here is a video about this magnificent house and seven friends:

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