7 Best Friends Bought Their Dream Home To Retire Together

Eleven years ago, 7 friends got together, and one of them joked: they say, can’t we buy a house for everyone to settle in after 60?

After some time, they started looking for real estate in the Guangzhou area (China). They ended up finding a house in the countryside, surrounded by nature.


They have been friends for 20 years, so they decided not to wait until old age to realize their dream:

“We’ve worked together, and sometimes we’re closer to each other than sisters.”

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The house was built of red bricks, but the friends decided to rebuild it. They added a glassed-in room overlooking the pitch, where they now drink tea.

The house has 3 floors in total. On the first floor there is a common area where they cook and eat. The bedrooms are upstairs and there is a swimming pool in the courtyard. Throughout the house there are rugs and tables that friends brought back from trips to India and Morocco.

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The friends agreed that each of them would teach the others a skill: cooking, practicing traditional Chinese medicine, playing a musical instrument, growing vegetables, etc.

Here is a video about this magnificent house and seven friends:

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