Grandpa built a beautiful three-story treehouse for his grandkids

Many of us probably had shelter or “shelter” in a tree when we were kids. It was usually made from boards and sticks, covered with cardboard or old plywood. But this grandfather, who dreamed of building a house for his grandchildren even before they were born, clearly got carried away, according to Buzznick.

Jay is an experienced contractor and he started building this three-story treehouse just over a year ago. And looking at it, you will definitely want to settle down there, even if you have long been out of childhood.

C’est certainement l’une des cabanes dans les arbres les plus élaborées que vous verrez jamais. Il a 3 étages !

Jay a fait tout ce travail incroyable lui-même. Cette cabane dans les arbres de 3 étages ressemble à une structure très solide et semble avoir tout ce qu’un enfant pourrait souhaiter !

Jay’s grandchildren are Jacob and Kayla. Jacob is 5 years old and Kayla is 4 years old. And they love this house.

The staircase leading to the upper levels of the tree house is made of birch logs.

No detail has been overlooked in the design of this incredible tree house. The tree seemed to be tied to the structure of the house.

Each floor has a balcony. You don’t even have to go down the stairs, you can just slide down the hill.

This treehouse is definitely one of a kind and probably the coolest you’ve ever seen.

Jay feels very satisfied and proud of his creation for his grandchildren. They will definitely want to visit their grandparents as often as possible.

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