Romantic chalet in the Alps, surprising with respect for the environment and modern design

Most people who go on vacation in the mountains prefer not to stay in pompous hotels, where there are many people, but tend to get lost in the forest.

Taking into account the aspirations of the customers, the renowned architect Karl Heinz Kastlunger designed a romantic chalet for the ski resort La Villa in Alta Badia, whose unique design blends harmoniously into the picturesque landscape and fully respects the environmental standards of the ski resort. green architecture.

Renowned architect and hotel owner Karl Heinz Castlunger demonstrated a whole new approach to mountain recreation. He managed to design and build a modern luxury chalet for the winter season. This “alpine hut”, which can accommodate 2-3 people, is located on the territory of the famous La Villa ski resort in Alta Badia (Italy). In the immediate vicinity is the entrance to the Dolomites Super Ski, which also leads to the famous Sell-Ronda ski slope.

The Dolomites are the largest ski area in the world, which includes 12 resorts. For outdoor enthusiasts, this territory has prepared excellent ski slopes with a total length of 1260 km, they are served by 496 modern ski lifts, for which only one magnetic card (ski-pass) Dolomiti superski is issued , which makes it possible to ski everywhere in the station zone, regardless of the place (station) of accommodation in all the stations of the common zone.

The futuristic design of a romantic alpine house, designed for a secluded vacation on a mountain slope, despite the fact that its appearance attracts attention, but nevertheless quite harmoniously fits into the picturesque landscape. And no wonder, streamlined shapes, smooth lines, a domed roof of larch tiles from local tree species with excellent weather resistance characteristics, panoramic windows – all this helps Mi Chalet (as the architect called his creation) to stand out, but at the same time allows to merge naturally with the surrounding nature.

Despite the fact that the alpine house occupies a very small area, it is quite spacious, since it has two floors. Although it imperceptibly sucks if you look at the house from the mountain or from the east side, because a wall on the first floor is closely adjacent to the nearby hill, which is why one gets the feeling that the building is a natural continuation of the landscape. natural.

Despite the fact that such a floor design is usually called a semi-basement, a cozy bedroom is decorated here, the panoramic windows of which allow you to admire the incredible beauty of the mountain range and the valley picturesque.

Also on the ground floor there is a small room where you can leave outerwear and shoes, a dressing room, a small bedroom for a child, if suddenly a young family decides to come in force. There is also a bathroom and a separate toilet, but the most important thing is that there is an infrared cabin next to the bathtub, which makes it possible to warm up all the bones and to completely relax after several exciting hours spent in the icy air. A separate room has been reserved for the storage of sports equipment, located next to the entrance of a magnificent alpine house.

The interior of the second floor turned out to be very interesting. Thanks to the domed roof, the walls are semicircular, which makes the atmosphere more cozy and warm, especially since all the interior decoration was made of spruce wood, which not only looks great, but also gives off a breathtaking smell. The floor-to-shelf arched panoramic window offers an incredibly beautiful view and lets in the rays of the sun during the day and the rays of the moon at night. Right next to the window, a huge living room was decorated with a plush sofa and plush armchair, more like a company of polar bears gathered for warmth by a wood-burning fireplace.

That’s all, the fireplace is the main decoration of the second floor and not only provides warmth, it creates a special romantic atmosphere. So that guests really renounce the outside world, a modern kitchen has been equipped on the second floor, where you can not only prepare breakfast, but also prepare excellent coffee, as there is even a Nespresso coffee machine.

Well, you can enjoy this invigorating drink and cooked sweets in the dining room, which is located in a small bay window with huge windows instead of two walls. Thus, guests can take double pleasure in contemplating the incredible beauty of sunrises and a cup of coffee, or spellbinding sunsets for which the Dolomites are so famous during romantic dinners, and given the fact that very close people will be nearby, the rest will really leave indelible impressions.


But not all the beautiful aspects of this romantic cottage end there, as it became known to the authors of Novate.Ru, the main goal followed by the architect when implementing this entire project was to achieve the highest KimaHaus standard, according to which the thermal energy requirement must be less than 30 kWh per square meter of living space and per year.

Thanks to special construction technology, natural and environmentally friendly materials, as well as special life support systems, another requirement of the sustainable architecture strategy has been fulfilled – the alpine house has low emissions of extremely low carbon dioxide.

For those who prefer the sea to the mountains, it should be noted that recently engineers and architects managed to bring to life an extraordinary Kudadoo concept, which involves the construction of a non-volatile resort in the Maldives. no less impressive.


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