The interior of these houses is really surprising. Look how comfortable and beautiful they are

The most popular Airbnb in the world is not a loft in Manhattan or a beachfront apartment in Barcelona. It’s a tiny “mushroom dome” in Aptos, California, according to the company.

Guests have lived in Kitty and Michael’s mushroom-shaped apartment since 2009, a year after Airbnb was founded in San Francisco.

“Since then, it’s garnered nearly 1,300 reviews, and guests from all over the world come to live in the tiny 10 square meters,” Airbnb said in a press release highlighting the company’s original story.

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The site describes the apartment as “an attic with a geodesic dome and a large tree-lined terrace”, which sits on ten acres of land in the small town of Aptos, near Santa Cruz.

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It sleeps three people (two on the mattress and one on the sofa bed) and the bathroom has a self-contained composting toilet because this is a central California eco-friendly project after all. .

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Customers are warned that there will be a lot of noise here:

“Most of the sounds here come from the chirping of birds or crickets, the croaking of tree frogs and the wind blowing through the trees. People here live on the ground, so don’t expect it to be completely devoid of sound.”

“A comfortable and clean semi-rustic lodge” is what made Airbnb so successful: it offers accommodations that are quirky, unconventional and far from a garish hotel room or a luxury serviced apartment.

In addition to the mushroom-inspired dome, the company noted that Airbnb has a lot more to offer: 14,000 tiny homes, over 4,000 castles and over 2,400 treehouses.

Would you like to rest there?

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