A talented nine-year-old boy paints thrilling animal portraits, exchanging them for food and medicine for animal shelters

Pavel Abramov, a 9-year-old Russian boy, decided to help a shelter for dog owners in Arzamas.

Each animal (about 100 individuals) requires 45 pounds of porridge and the same amount of meat per day.Pavel is an experienced artist, and he could have sold his drawings to buy toys or a new smartphone, but he did otherwise.Instead, Pavel exchanges his work for food and medicine for the animals, and then takes them to the shelter.

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A young boy began to love animals from childhood . They had a pet cat, a Badger, that got lost.This loss affected the boy.He began to notice stray animals on the streets and began to pay more attention to them. He wanted to help somehow, to do something for them. His mother supported him and they created “The Good Brush Project”.

He came up with a solution. This is not a place for monetary transactions. Everything should be honest, open and transparent. Pavel, the mother of the young artist, explains that we exchange paintings only for the needs of the shelter. Pavel draws pets from photographs and stories of their owners.

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He receives medicines, dog food and meat in exchange for his painting. The willingness to help those who need it has attracted the attention of many.Orders began to arrive not only from Russian animal lovers, but also Germans and Spaniards also want to make a portrait of their pets and participate in charity activities. The queue is so long that no new orders are being accepted at the moment. For 40 years of his work, the boy was able to get 1,100 pounds of food, supplies and veterinary medicines. The state did not provide him with grants. He has attracted large sums of money, media support, offices and many employees. With this way , many animals got a chance to live more comfortably and it started with a 9 – year – old child !


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