The domed house, which the musician managed to build in a month and a half and 9 thousand dollars.

A completely natural desire to have your own roof over your head can result in an unusual design project. It happened to a musician, to whom a friend gave a plot on his farm, and in just 6 weeks the guy was able to build a unique domed house, which became a real decoration of the site and a point local landmark.


Steve Areen is a young musician and photographer who constantly travels the world and has made a large number of friends. On his next visit to Thailand, he visited Hajjar Gibran, whose work he has been fond of for many years.

During a friendly chat, discussing plans for the future, Steve talked about his dream of having a small eco-house away from civilization. At that moment, Hajaru and his wife had the idea of ​​giving a piece of land in a mango grove to their friend so that what he had dreamed of for so long would finally come true.

As became known to the authors of Novate.Ru, this was the beginning of the unique construction of a miracle house. Since the young man had very little time and needed time to do everything as quickly as possible and with minimal financial costs, it was decided to build a domed house, which they even invented under the name by Earthen Dome Home.

A domed house is a building constructed in the shape of a hemisphere, which is one of the most energy-efficient architectural and construction structures. The system is based on polyhedrons that create a dome-shaped space inside the building, and outside, this form of construction is well resistant to loads caused by adverse weather conditions and natural disasters.

Considering that a relative of a friend had the technique of creating blocks of clay, which were then laid in the shape of a dome, Steve gave him a short study course and soon he was able to do it himself. in the face of all the intricacies and intricacies of such an eco-construction. Also, most of the building materials were right under his feet and around his future cabin.

Необычный купольный дом в Таиланде построен за шесть недель и всего за 8000 долларов

The use of materials such as wood, stones, bamboo, clay, dry grass and other natural components not only reduced the cost of construction, but more importantly, it was possible to preserve the natural character and the natural atmosphere of the house.

Необычный купольный дом в Таиланде построен за шесть недель и всего за 8000 доллар

Together with two assistants, the young man succeeded in three weeks in assembling the entire structure of the fabulous dome-shaped ensemble, which included several rooms, a terrace for relaxing above the bedroom and an artificial pond with living plants.

It took another three weeks to completely decorate the interior and decorate the already original facade of his incredible cottage. Steve only spent $9,000 on such transformations. since many materials were absolutely free.


Upon completion of construction, the young man was so inspired by the unusual technology of creating an eco-house that in the future he will certainly use this unique experience to create affordable, fast and beautiful housing from more durable materials, with good thermal performance. insulation properties, in which one can live comfortably in colder climatic conditions.

And his friend then opened a business producing pressed earth blocks for building eco-houses, making Steve’s house a demonstration model (while he was gone, of course!).

As practice shows, you do not need to have a lot of money to start realizing your dream. The following 10 original houses will clearly show how, with minimal money, you can build amazing structures that will become not just a roof over your head, but a real family home.

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