2.6 billion for the highest penthouse in Europe: we look inside a Moscow apartment, on the 95th floor

The cost of the highest penthouse in Europe exceeds 2.6 billion rubles. Inside, the sun shines through the panoramic windows, but you can’t hear the birds chirping – the 95th-floor apartment in Moscow City is located above the bird’s eye view. For a long time the device of a unique penthouse was not advertised: only now the journalist managed to get inside and show on video what life is like in an insanely expensive apartment .

The apartments are located in the Federation Tower. East”, the tallest skyscraper in Europe. Its height reaches 374 meters. The penthouse occupies three floors at once: 95, 96 and 97. The owner accesses the 94th by a common elevator, then goes to a personal elevator whose doors open directly into the apartment.

The area of ​​the three-level penthouse is 2.2 thousand square meters. The view of Moscow from here is panoramic, the apartments are covered with a giant glass dome, the height of the ceilings of one level reaches 14 meters. The management company takes care of the cleaning of the dome, but the owner will have to pay the utilities. Approximately the amount of the “commune” will reach 500,000 rubles per month.

The penthouse for 2.6 billion rubles is sold with a ready-made design concept and can potentially be divided into two apartments. However, a wealthy buyer is unlikely to want to share their unique home with anyone.

Are apartments in Moscow City worth it? The question is debatable. For comparison, a penthouse in a skyscraper in the trendy district of New York, The Tulip building, will cost the buyer 59 million dollars, or 3.17 billion rubles for 2.5 thousand square meters.

Visiting the penthouse hall in Moscow:

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