A group of friends have built their own small town to grow old together.

For 20 years, these four couples have been best friends. They always dreamed of being closer to each other and to nature. They realized their dream by pooling their savings and building a small town just for themselves. They named their colony Llano Exit Strategy. It consists of just four comfortable homes on the banks of the Llano River in Texas.

Each house cost them about $40,000.

The houses have an area of ​​37 m². m, and each is equipped with a large double bed, a sofa, a bathroom and a veranda. Inside, the walls of the house are covered with plywood.

“It’s a sleek finish that doesn’t cost a lot,” says project architect Matt Garcia.

The roofs of the houses are arranged in such a way that the water can flow directly into large tanks that can hold up to 20 tons of water.’

“It’s a magical place, but a bit dry. We collect all the water we can get in the area and use it to water the local trees and grasses,” says Fred Zipp, one of the friends.

The corrugated facade finish effectively reflects sunlight, keeping the house cool in the summer.

In addition, the houses are equipped with sealed insulated windows that will keep warm in the cold.

“This place looks like a Disney cartoon. There are lynx, hares, deer and a wide variety of bird species. The longer we live here, the more different animals we find,” says Jodie Zipp, Fred’s wife.

Of course, this place cannot be called a real city, but in the United States any settlement can be considered a city, even if only one person lives there.

Would you like to live in a separate city with your friends?

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