This poisonous purple house hides a charming interior

From the outside, this house, painted in poisonous bright colors, looks like the house of real hippies.

But it is worth going inside and the feeling of revulsion immediately disappears. A pleasant interior, a competent layout make the house very comfortable.

Firefighter Niki Jo Davis has decided to move into a small home. To this end, she bought a Victorian-style caravan.

As Nicky is an extraordinary person, she wanted her house to be very girly. That is why she repainted the outer part of the structure in bright colors.

It should be noted that the interior is made in calmer colors so that you can relax and unwind after an exhausting working day. The interior of the house is covered with natural wood.

Despite the fact that the interior is rather laconic, the house is very cozy. The kitchen area has all the necessary utensils and appliances. The sofa can be extended if the guests come down. Storage niches are concealed under the stairs and under the floor.

At the top of the stairs there is a place to sleep with a large double bed. Water heating and heating in the house is possible thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof.

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