10 professional tips from a personal trainer who lost 160 lbs of his body weight

When Joe Bernstein was twenty five years old, he weighed one hundred and fifty four kilograms. That’s three hundred and fourty lbs. The diets did not help him.

Then he introduced into his life a few simple life habits that led to huge changes in his life, and he also began to treat himself well.

Joe now works as a personal trainer, helping other people make the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

We invite you to listen to the following to achieve the best results that will ultimately change your life for the better.

This is what Joe looked like before his transformation. And here you can also see the amazing results he has achieved with the simple habits he has adopted.

1. Stop drinking calories-This means that it’s best to avoid carbonated beverages, juices and sweet teas. Even if this is the only habit you adopt, it can help you lose 22 kg in three months. Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are drinking 2000 calories a day.

2. Forget about prepared lunches

3. Spend less time on the road-Bicycles will help you for several hours of personal time and at the same time taking care of your nerves. In your free time you can cook healthy meals or exercise.

4. Learn to cook delicious meals-And how to enjoy cooking. Recipes from the internet, cooking shows, and cooking classes with nice people will help you make your first step into becoming a chef.

5. Try to understand the value of natural food-It is best to choose local and fresh products that will stimulate your taste buds and help you lose weight

6. Adopt a dog-

A morning walk with your furry friend is the best thing you can do to stimulate your metabolism and brain activity. It’s not that you must have a dog – the idea is that you need to find a reason to take a walk in the morning.

7. Buy organic food-This is not a marketing matter, it has to do with the habit of choosing better quality food. Yes, the food may be more expensive, but once you give up processed foods, your budget will balance.

8. Pay attention to the quality of the meat-It would definitely be a good idea to increase the amount of vegetarian meals you eat, which means more vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. If you are not yet ready to give up meat, pay attention to its quality and origin.

9. Leave the relationship that hold you in place-After breaking up with his ex-wife, Joe built himself a new lifestyle – a healthy and conscious life. You do not have to behave in an extreme way. Everyone has relationships that eventually end.

10. Change yourself physically and mentally-In order not to let your weight go back, it is important to do more than exercise and eat right. All the mental work inside your head is very important: from the beginning, when you start getting rid of bad habits, until the moment you understand and feel your ‘new self’.

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