A man put coins in a box for 45 years, then decided to find out how much money he managed to save

In the early 1970s, Ota Anders took up an unusual hobby: he started collecting coins in denominations of just 1 cent. For 45 years, the man did not miss a day and put all the coins in huge boxes. Finally, Ota himself was interested in how much he managed to save. The man went to the bank and asked to count all the money he had collected.

Andres left change after shopping in the store, sometimes looking for lost coins on the sidewalk and other similar places. The man called his hobby a kind of gratitude for all the good little things he received in life.

Anders refused to spend coins. He simply put them first in a big box, then in the second and third. The man must have taken an entire basement under the warehouse. Finally, Anders nevertheless decided to find out how much money he had managed to save.

The man rented a car and took all the cans to the bank. The cashiers were surprised, but turned on the counting machine and poured coins into it. It turned out that in total Anders collected more than 500 thousand pieces with a total weight of 1270 kilograms.

The amount was not that high – only $5,136. Anders is also happy about it, the man plans to spend what he has accumulated on a well-deserved rest:

True, Anders will now have to find a new hobby. He is no longer interested in collecting money.

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