The judges started crying after a children’s choir performed a cover of ‘Queen’ that made them press on the ‘Golden Buzzer’

Finding the courage to perform in large halls and be heard by everyone is the best thing for singers, but doing such things is quite difficult.Many will not even dare to take this step, and even when they do, there is no guarantee that it will be enough to go all the way.

But these are the kids who took the stage in front of Simon Cowell and his fellow judges. Perhaps they did not give hope, but the elementary school students arranged so surprised them that they will never forget it…

One of the strongest songs of the last century by Queen is “don’t stop me now”, and perhaps of all time was heard on this stage.The song perfectly reveals the vocal abilities of Freddie Mercury, and also insanely amazes any audience that only hears it.

Naturally, this is not an easy song to perform.And yet the kids weren’t going to just sing, they wanted to shock the audience.When they took the stage with breathtaking enthusiasm, their cover version of the classic hit made the judges and the audience burst out laughing.

Moreover, these children were not worried.They weren’t nervous at all, which is already an impressive achievement considering where they are. Instead, they perform the song with joyful professionalism.

Their performance is so impressive that they received a Golden Buzzer from Judge David Williams, as well as praise and compliments from the stern judge Simon Cowell.

They were the first to win the Golden Buzzer at Britain’s Got Talent 2018, and it definitely made a statement for them.

Watch their performance in the video below:

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