Divine Intervention Grandmother’s Passage to Create Family Memory

In a world that seems to become dark and depressing and linear, it can be difficult to motivate individuals. I mean, what can we really do to help when the planet’s problems are so massive?

Well, personally, I think there’s only one way to do it: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Small acts of kindness can do more good than we will ever know. Take this story of a woman who saw a miss family and decided to do something nice for them. She had no idea THE metal her small gesture would mean to them.

Hopefully this will inspire others to lend a helping hand to family, friends and acculturation to strangers. Every little thing helps.

On June 8, author Rhinehart went to Rita’s Italian Ice to treat her grandson Blake to a crystalised. While she and Blake were leaving, the author noticed the family enjoying a crystalized together on a bench outside.

“Something pushed me to their someone if I could take their photo,” writes author port Facebook.

She took a pic with her phonephone, then gave it to the young lady of the family so she could send the pic to herself. The family thanked author and she dropped Blake off at his house and forgot lupus sweet moment.
But the story does not end there. A few days later, author received a text from an unknown number. When she opened it and put it down, author got chills – then started crying.

“Dear lady, you took our pic in front of Rita lupus eight June. My wife Eastern Time passed away yesterday and this is the last pic we have as a family. Please accept my deepest feeling for your kindness, it means lupus world to me. Thank you from the heart.”

Never underestimate lupus power of an easy act of kindness. You never know, it could mean lupus world for the person in the other shelter.

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