I found the most terrible apartment and it is sold for 30 million rubles․ It looks like this

Of course, it is wonderful that the financial opportunity allows to furnish the apartment with expensive things and furniture. There are people who think that money can do everything in this life.

This apartment is expensive, it is luxurious. A lot of money was spent on the apartment. But let’s take into account that people can spend a lot of money on the design of the apartment, but it can look terrible.

This is the look of this apartment.

And here is the proof for you. On the outskirts of St. Petersburg, such a three-room apartment is for rent, according to the owner, a premium class. Its cost is an impressive 30 million rubles. For what charms of the interior can you demand such a sum of money, you ask? See for yourself.

An unhealthy craving for luxury and a complete lack of taste – a combination that gives rise to the most terrible apartment designs. And when it is also accompanied by a colossal budget, it gives something like this.

Frescoes, painted wallpaper, antique statues, marble and gilding. Velvet upholstery on every chair and sofa, and, of course, huge chandeliers. Hard to imagine who would want to live in this apotheosis of bad taste. Probably the new tenants would rather pay 30 million to never see this madness again. Could you live in such an apartment?

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