The bride wears her 88-year-old grandmother’s wedding dress

There are many important days in the life of each of us. One of those days is the wedding day.

We can prepare our wedding ceremony for days. This story is about the grandmother who kept her wedding dress for many years. However, he was very surprised to learn that his granddaughter wanted to wear it to her wedding.

The wedding dress has been in the wardrobe for 60 years. The girl decided to give it away for dry cleaning. After dry cleaning it was just beautiful.

The girl shone on the wedding day. She looked gorgeous in that dress. The girl said that she and her grandmother were very close to each other.

And one day he found the bride’s dress in the attic of her grandmother’s house in a garbage bag. From that moment she decided to wear this dress for her wedding. The grandmother, of course, wept and was moved to learn of her granddaughter’s decision.

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