We found a 60s chair in the trash and immediately took it to ourselves. After the alteration, he is completely unrecognizable

If you have old furniture, don’t rush to throw it away. You can renovate them and get modern furniture.

Remove old worn parts, ribbons, etc. of the chair. If there are also rotten parts on the wood, clean them again.

Apply glue to the necessary parts and glue the torn parts;

Cover all wooden parts with oil or stain, then with varnish. On the seat, using a furniture stapler, stretch the first layer of dense fabric.

And tie a new tight belt on top.And finally, new fabric. The cover can be pre-stitched at the fold and then attached with a stapler.Assess the appearance of the new chair.

It really looks beautiful and fresh, doesn’t it? We present you a video where you can see in detail how to change old furniture and make it completely new.

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