Stunning shell-shaped house on an island in Mexico. Look how beautiful the interior of this house is.

This house in Mexico is attracting a lot of attention. It differs in its external and internal design.

The owners of the house tried to build a house that would be in harmony with nature and emphasize its beauty.

This incredible snow-white palace looks like a giant seashell with a pearl inside.

The house is built of very high quality cement and concrete. In addition, natural materials were used in the construction: recycled seashells and corals they found on the shore. About 4,000 shells were spent on the construction of such an unusual house in Mexico.

The house is snow white both inside and out. The structure of the house is oval! It has a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There are no sharp corners inside the house because the house is completely oval!

We present you the photos of the house.

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