A man has restored a Russian tower that remained intact for 120 years

In Russia, you can find many abandoned architectural monuments, the restoration of which requires huge sums. One of these lost monuments of the 19th century is located in the Kostroma region, in the middle of the wild forest.

There used to be a village here, but over time people left these places. Moscow businessman Andrei Pavlichenko, a lover of Russian history, discovered this abandoned tower, built in 1897.

When he and his wife came to see it, they were horrified because the tower was in a terrible state. But still, the man resumed his restoration. At first, with volunteers, they tried to partially restore the house, but nothing worked. They had to dismantle the base and replace the rotten boards.

Then Andrei barely found the restorer Alexander Popov, who took over this activity and in 2012 he began his work. All the necessary elements were made according to ancient technologies.

After 10 years, instead of the destroyed tower, there is a hotel-museum, which thousands of tourists come to see.

Moreover, they can settle here and feel the spirit of a hundred years ago. The interior of the house is perfectly in keeping with the period of the end of the 19th century: antique furniture, front staircase, painted hall.

25 people can live in the tower at the same time, but eco-houses have been built on the territory of the hotel. Accommodation in a deluxe room costs 6,000 rubles. Here you can go fishing, visit the old church and, above all, feel the ancient atmosphere and enjoy the surrounding natural beauties.

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