“Raindrops” by Samuel Salcedo in the Etretat park

Les Jardins d’Étretat park in the French town of Étretat is divided into themed areas. They move smoothly from one to the other. One of them is called “Emotions and the Bottom of the Ocean”.

The relief in the shape of scallops was created in honor of the famous oyster farm in Etretat since the 18th century.

Капли дождя» Самуэля Сальседо в парке города Этрета


Сады Этрета. Нормандия. | Пикабу

The surreal landscape of this area is helped to create rubber sculptures by Samuel Salcedo from the Raindrops series.

Each of these heads displays different human emotions, recorded at the most unexpected moment. The diameter of each head is 1.2 meters.

Огромные головы в траве: жутко красивый парк, где точно стоит побывать

Through the grotesque of his works, Salcedo combines tragedy and humor, beauty and disgust, sadness and joy. Criticizing the current society in this way, the author tries to arouse the sympathy of the public not only for his characters, but also for themselves.

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