The guy turned an 11-meter room in a communal apartment into a full-fledged apartment

Nikolai decided to move to Minsk from the provinces. He quickly got a job, the guy started making furniture. Over time, he saved some money and decided to move from rented accommodation to his own. Nikolai was able to buy a room in a communal apartment with an area of ​​11 square meters.

Small, but clean accommodation saved on rent. Nikolai began to repair, since there were no additional funds, he did most of the work with his own hands. A talented and ingenious guy thought of the design and managed to place everything necessary for comfortable living in a small area.

There were many flaws in the old room: the floor was completely rotten, the radiator was leaking and the walls were uneven. The guy did not get angry and started repair work.

It took a whole year to renovate a small room. Nicolas did everything with his own hands. Every day after work he went to work, every weekend and holiday too. The guy practically rebuilt the room from scratch, but the result was worth it!

Nikolai replaced the floor, the electrical wiring, made the ventilation and leveled the curved walls. Due to the fact that water was brought into the room, part of it was turned into a kitchen, and a shower cabin was installed.

There is no hot water in the house and the guy installed a boiler. Now he always has hot water.

4In the kitchen there was a place for a washing machine, a refrigerator, a small work table, a microwave oven, an electric oven, a sink and cupboards for storing dishes and small necessary things. Everything is comfortable and cozy.

The kitchen has everything you need!

The room has a sofa, a work table with a built-in pull-out table, a wardrobe, a TV, shelves for small things.

For repairs, Nikolai spent a thousand dollars, the same amount was spent on furniture. It turned out to place everything you need in a small area.

Two years ago, a girl Katya appeared in Nikolai’s life. Very quickly, the couple legalizes their relationship and settles in this room. The hostess is pleased with the work of her husband and pleased with his ability to create comfort. Everything you need is there and everything is at your fingertips. A little cramped, but a couple likes their accommodation.

Nicolas has thought of everything down to the smallest detail! This is amazing!

Such order and cleanliness, everything is in its place, cozy, comfortable and beautiful.

The neighbors do not interfere with the couple, but they do not want to have children in such a cramped house. Now they are fundraising for more homes and planning to create even better renovations there.

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