The island, which corresponds to only one house, has reached the Guinness Book of World Records

Would you like to live on an island, and personal? A family of Americans named Sizeland chose an island near the border of the two countries. These are the United States and Canada. The archipelago of the St. Lawrence River is its location.

There are 1864 deserted and unnamed islands on earth. The Sizeland family have lived here since 1950 and enjoy complete seclusion.

The fact is that on a small island, the area of ​​which is just over 300 square meters, a beautiful house, a large tree, a small barbecue area and only three picnic chairs can easily fit. Therefore, the owners called this piece of sushi “the island where there is enough space” (Just Room Enough Island).

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Admittedly, the solitude of the Sizelands is very relative today. Yes, there is no real neighborhood with anyone, as well as fences around the house or noisy traffic.

However, when building a house, the Sizelands did not take into account that the archipelago is quite a popular natural landmark. Because here are the itineraries of the tourist cruises. In addition, there are always many fishermen.

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Complicated the life of the inhabitants of the island and the Internet of today. They have become incredibly popular. Tourists posted sensational photos of the “smallest island in the world” on Instagram.

The footage led to an incredibly heated discussion about this fact. Many people were seriously interested in how people live on an island, the size of which does not exceed the area of ​​their own small house or a tennis court.

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Thus, sometimes the water in the river rises sharply. Then the Sizelands urgently clean up everything in the yard. Otherwise, these things will be washed away by the river. Indeed, on such days the recreation area is almost completely flooded with water.

But the Sizelands prefer not to enter the Network in communication about their lodgings by the river. And recently they even entered such a famous register as the Guinness Book of Records. Their island is recognized as the smallest inhabited in the world. Its area is 306.58 square meters.

Previously, this title was held by the inhabited land Bishop Rock (Bishop Rock). It is located on Scilly, the English archipelago. Its area is 720 square meters. Bishop Rock has already been included in the world record book. There was a lone lighthouse on the island. But it was fully automated in 1982. And the island itself immediately turned into an uninhabited island.


The publishers of the record books were forced to seek other candidates for such a prestigious title. They discovered that people were living on Just Room Enough Island, 15 meters from the nearest shore. And it’s half the size of Bishop Rock. For the Sizelands, the search for solitude has resulted in more popularity and all that entails.

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