A friend invited me to the dacha – the exterior is an ordinary house, the interior is a modern and stylish apartment:

My friend recently celebrated her birthday and she decided to throw a party in the country. We came to see her for the first time and were very surprised.

The house my friend bought for her summer cottage was no different from the rest of the buildings in the village, but when I went inside to help my friend with the preparations, I was speechless in awe.

Inside, everything is tastefully decorated, the style of the interior is maintained down to the smallest detail.

The house is not large, but it has everything you need for comfortable living. A stunning combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The furniture is so well chosen that it seems to be such an elegant set.

The staircase is simply a work of art. I have never seen such masterpieces in country houses.

On the second floor, the hostess has fitted out a cozy bedroom, she is very comfortable there and the style is also preserved.

The small living room looks very spacious. Here you can receive guests or just relax in the evening.

There is not so much space here, but the hostess even found the possibility of installing a TV with a cabinet.

This kitchen looks quite cozy and comfortable, despite the fact that only a small free corner is allocated to it.
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