Single mother of many children lived in dilapidated house with children, neighbors helped with repairs – before and after photos

Everyone’s life circumstances are different. This woman had no money either to buy a spacious and comfortable apartment or to repair an old house that she had inherited from her grandmother. She is raising three children herself and there is no one to support her financially.

But, the neighbors decided to help the woman. They contributed and raised a large sum of money to make repairs to the woman’s house. The family immediately began to renovate the house.

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The house, although it was one room, but the area allowed everything to be arranged in such a way as to make several rooms. Near the house is a small pavilion in which this family often rested.

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Before this woman with children moved into the house, her grandmother lived there, but she had no time to make repairs.

The family began the renovation with interior decoration and remodeling. Mom wanted to make a separate room for everyone. Some walls had to be demolished, which had a very good effect on the appearance of the house.

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Now everyone has their own room, the house is elegant and beautiful. Now each child has their own corner of personal space. After the interior work, the family began to renovate the facade and exterior walls. Now that house is hard to find!

Having such neighbors who can help in difficult times is a real blessing! Their action is worthy of respect!

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