Dad buys a car for his daughter, finds a note in the glove compartment inside the vehicle

While checking his daughter’s new car, Kevin found a hidden letter. Nothing could prepare this father for the words written on that piece of paper.

Kevin Duke of Kentucky was thrilled to give his daughter her very first car. He wanted to make sure he found the best vehicle and he finally bought a nice used car. But he didn’t know it wasn’t just “a car.” He was hiding a secret that broke his heart.

Since his daughter was weeks away from getting her driver’s license, Kevin wanted to test drive the car himself, so he went for a test drive and checked it thoroughly inside and out. He also checked the glove box a few times, but it wasn’t until he touched a small rubber mat that he discovered there was a letter inside. It was addressed to the new owner and was marked “Important Info Inside”.

Nothing could prepare this father for the words written on that piece of paper.

Speaking of the unusual experience, Kevin took to Facebook to share it with his friends.
“Well, yesterday I was tinkering and opening this storage compartment above the dash (which I have already opened half a dozen times). This time I notice a rubber mat at the bottom and for some reason remove it. To my surprise, I find this envelope with this letter inside. I’m not going to lie, I shed a few tears.

This car meant the world to the person who wrote the letter, but they had no choice but to sell it.

“This car holds a lot of special memories for me. My house and everything in it is gone, this car is all I have left to touch. There was a mix-up with the paperwork and this resulted in the car not being reimbursed by insurance. It is very upsetting to have lost my family, my home and now I am losing this last connection that I have with my mother and my child through no fault of my own.

This vehicle has witnessed the fun times and incredible memories that the previous owner and his family have had during their fulfilling journeys. He testified to their joys and moments that could never come back.

“I’m not mad at you. I hope this car is the best car you have ever owned. I hope it will work for another 100 years. I hope the backseat is full of kids, toys and random things. My family has filled this car with lots of love and sticky stuff. We took road trips, played country and 80s music and rolled down the windows. I’ve changed more nappies in the back seat than I can count. There’s probably a plunger or pencil hidden somewhere that belonged to my baby. Maybe a whole chicken nugget. HA!”

This car wasn’t the best, but the reason it was so special to this woman who wrote the letter was definitely.
“I don’t know if you will see it, but there may be a dirty spot on the dashboard. My daughter and I pretended to go on an adventure while we sat in the driveway and she always set foot there. The dent on the driver’s side rear fender and the dent on the passenger side door are where my daughter learned to ride…and crash…her motorcycle a few months before she died.

“I know it’s just a car for you, but for me it’s so much more. Life happened in this car. Love, joy and adventure were there in this car. So now that it’s yours, remember it’s not just a car. It’s a memory. This car with all its quirks is the last piece of my family. Be nice to him. Play him a country song. Big Green Tractor was my daughter’s favorite song, or some Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird. This song meant so much to us that I played it at their funeral.

Kevin’s daughter will always have “someone” by her side while she drives this car.

“You ride with angels. My angels. Talk to them if you want, I’m sure they would love to see and hear about all the new adventures you take on in this car. By the way, her name is Sylvia. The very first day mom got this car we all drove around and Sylvia’s mom from Dr Hook came on the radio the name just stuck when my daughter said that’s what we should name the car. So please don’t change his name.

The touching letter ended with a request.
“If you ever want to sell Sylvia, try to find me. I just paid for 3 funerals, I can’t afford to buy it right now, but hopefully I’ll be in a better financial position if you later decide it’s no longer suitable for you. Be blessed, be happy, live and love like us. I wish you and Sylvia the best!

This story touched many hearts and spoke of the personal pains each of us go through in our lifetime.

We sincerely wish that this woman who has been through so much will find her inner peace and be able to move on. And for Kevin’s daughter, we want her to create her own unforgettable memories behind the wheel of this special car.

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