Cute little boy looks at grandma and asks, “I’m poor, ain’t I?”

Little Jake Boone has become quite the internet celebrity with his life lessons and thick southern drawl hearts almost all over the internet. It looks like she has learned some valuable and important lessons from living a hard and tough life, even though she is only a few years old.

At a time when he was really into his fun, his family decided to make sure to film Jake doing his usual thing, and we’re so glad they decided to do just that. Jake is absolutely no-nonsense when it comes to sharing his pearls of wisdom on camera, and the internet is loving it too much.

Just three years old, Jake won $10,000 from America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was a video of Jack writing about everything his mother needed from the store, even though he still didn’t know how to write.

Jake’s family decided to share his personality with the world and created a YouTube channel called Life According to Jake Buon. Needless to say, the channel is doing extremely well, it has over 35K subscribers along with a facebook page with over 700K followers.

In an interview with their local news station WBKO, Jake’s mother said: “He’s more like an old man who just happened to be in a baby’s body. He also told some funny things. And he is really a very sweet child. He is very kind and has a big heart.”

If you’re wondering where Jake actually got all his wisdom, he inherited it from his grandparents, who come to visit quite often. By the way, it is usually his “Grammy” that is filmed. He is the one talking to her from behind the camera when he says: “I’m actually poor, I’m not.” Jake also talks about “going to work in the barn on his flatbed truck” when he comes to that conclusion, but it doesn’t really discourage him at all, and at one point he even says, “No, I’m not poor.” In fact, he has his own flat little truck.

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