Touching story of a woman who became a mother of several children

She is a heroine woman who had devoted her whole life to the adoption of several abandoned children. It was a very important decision for her. One day we had offered to adopt the children and she agreed without hesitation.

She said it was the most necessary decision of her life. As she loves children very much and she dreamed of having a big family and also having several children.

The nice woman was single, and when she was offered to become a mother of abandoned children she already had five sisters in her care. You have to make a film about this brave woman, don’t you?

She had immediately prepared all the necessary papers for the adoption of all these little children. But despite her great will and kindness, the adoption process was very long. But in fact, she became the young mother of the children.

She had surrounded them with the love and affection they were deprived of in their lives. His attitude deserves great respect, doesn’t it.

She did not want to leave these poor children alone who were deprived of the love and devotion of their own mother.

She did not want to hesitate and it was a good decision according to this woman. She had taken care of all the children and she does everything possible so that these children do not need anything.

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