Colorful village in Poland with painted houses

One day, one of the inhabitants of a small village called Zalipye painted a flower on the ceiling to hide the trace of soot from the stove.

At that time, such places were common, and after him, other people began to paint their own flowers on the walls and ceilings, until all the houses in the village were covered with paints.

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In the end, all the buildings in the village began to delight the eye with bright floral paintings: from houses to barns, bridges and churches. And from 1948, every spring a special competition for the best painting “Malyovana Hata” began to take place here.

Organizers believe it was the best way to help people recover from what they suffered in World War II.

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Today, Zalipie is a beautiful open-air museum located in southeastern Poland, just a 90-minute drive from Krakow. The bright and colorful village is the perfect place to spend another weekend.

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