The husband gave his wife a gift – a quaint hobbit house. It’s even more fabulous inside.

Stuart Grant lives in Scotland with his wife. Like most, they live in the city in an apartment.

However, Stewart always knew his wife dreamed of a home in nature. Additionally, she is a huge fan of the Tolkien book series.

She read to the holes a series of books “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit”. And Stewart thought, why not make her dreams come true. He decided to present the house as a gift for their birthday.

Stuart bought a small piece of land and decided to build a house there. At the same time, he wanted it to be fabulous and functional on the inside. Outside, the house looks like a canoe, but inside, the design is stunning.

He wanted to impress his wife. It should be noted that the house is constantly twilight, since there are very few windows. The perfect atmosphere for romantic evenings.

Stewart’s wife was delighted with such a gift. She had no idea a quaint canoe could be so comfortable and functional inside. The interior and decoration very faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of his favorite books.

This house has become their summer residence, where they spend time reading a book, watching movies and having fun. In addition, it is in this house that they can take a break from the city.

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