The photographer discovered this house in Italy. The interior is amazing.

Roman Robruk comes from the Netherlands. He was traveling in northern Italy. He liked to paint old houses. And he was very happy when he found this old villa. At first he was surprised by the appearance of the house, but then he decided to enter. The villa was in the 19th century.

There was old furniture in it. The exterior of the house was covered in moss and greenery. When the artist entered, he was simply surprised that the interior of the house had been preserved. The house was equipped with furniture. The fact that no one had lived in the house for a long time was only evidenced by the thick layer of dust.

The living room has been painted yellow. There was a tree on the ceiling. It was equipped with furniture. The other walls were also beautifully painted. There was a fresco on one of the walls. There was a picture of the sea.

Roman decided to go down to the basement. There he found a collection of bottles of wine and liquor. They were covered in a thick layer of dust.

The window curtains have been preserved. There were books and pictures of saints in the room. Later it became clear that this villa belonged to a lawyer who had a knighthood. He was born in 1874. There was also a picture of the lawyer in one of the bedrooms.

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