6-month-old baby went waterskiing and set record

More recently, the boy’s parents shared a video with their son Rich Humphreys on his Instagram page. The footage shows the six-month-old waterskiing alone on Lake Powell, located in southern Utah.

The child’s legs are held by special devices, and Rich himself clings to the handrail, while the boat pulls him along the surface of the water with the help of a cable. The child is secured by his father Casey – the man speaks softly to his son and watches over his safety.

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Шестимесячный ребенок едет на водных лыжах (видео) | Журнал Домашний очаг

“Six months and four days. Look at this child and say that he is not living his life fully! What a handsome man! – such proud parents signed their message.

The opinion of subscribers was divided. Some were thrilled and left many positive comments: “Look at her pretty face. He is so happy!”, “You will become a brave child who will be happy to spend time outside the house and live life to the full, and not sit on the couch with a joystick in your hands” , “This video made our whole family smile. Continue like that!” Many users expressed their gratitude to Rich’s parents for accustoming the child to an active lifestyle from childhood.

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But there were also those who viewed what was happening as reckless and branded Casey and his wife irresponsible parents, putting a child who cannot even walk yet in grave danger. What do you think, dear readers?

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