Meet the 107-year-old hairstylist who has been in the business for 97 years

After more than 90 years of experience, New York barber Anthony Mancinelli is not about to retire, which is quite an achievement for the oldest barber in the world.

At 107, Anthony Mancinelli is still working full time and has no intention of slowing down!

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Mancinelli was named “the oldest barber in the world” by Guinness World Records 11 years ago at 96, but the man continues to break his own records.

When reporters asked him if he would quit, he replied, “Why would that be?”

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He will turn 108 in March and intends to continue working five days a week, eight hours a day, as he currently does.

Business is good at Anthony’s Barbershop in New Windsor, New York. He has many regular customers, including his 81-year-old son.

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Does Mancinelli have secrets of longevity?

If he knew, he would immediately share them with his loved ones, the man said. For example, with his beloved wife, who died many years ago.

“I have been married for 69 years, he added. She died 14 years ago. I really miss him”.

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