This family had no money for a new backpack for the child – and dad made it himself

A father who couldn’t afford to buy his son a new backpack stayed up all night to weave a handmade backpack for his son, says Unilad.

Five-year-old Ni Keng from Cambodia lost her only bag on a school trip to Thailand. Ni Kang’s parents have a small income and had to buy him books and stationery, and there was not enough money for a second bag.

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To prevent Nye from carrying her books to school in a bag, her father stayed up all night and wove her a new backpack out of blue raffia yarn. The boy’s teacher, Sophus Swan, took photos and shared them on Facebook.

It is gratifying to see how much effort the father has made to ensure that his son does not suffer any inconvenience. He is an incredibly caring father!

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The photos have been shared over 6,000 times and many people have praised the father for his dedication and creativity. Some of them even contacted the school to offer their support to Ni and his family.

Do you like this dad’s bag?

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