Huaxi – Chinese Village of Millionaires

In the Chinese province of Jiangsu, there is a very unusual “village” called Huaxi, which is called “China’s No. 1 Village” for a reason, because in fact only rich people live here. According to average estimates, even the “poorest” families possess a fortune of at least $400,000 (more than 26 million rubles).

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It all started in the distant 1960s, when Huaxi was really an ordinary village with only 576 inhabitants engaged in agriculture. But one fine day, a local resident, Wu Renbao, takes over as secretary of the village party committee.

Хуаси - китайская деревня миллионеров

It was he who allowed the construction of a textile factory in the village, and many inhabitants obtained permanent and very well paid jobs. Then other metallurgical and textile enterprises appeared here.

As a result, 20 neighboring villages joined Huaxi and the settlement grew into a large one with a population of 35,000.

Хуаси - китайская деревня миллионеров

In fact, the entire local population is a shareholder of the Huaxi Village company. From now on, they receive 20% of the income of all the companies established in the village. The rest of the profits go to social and economic development.

Хуаси - китайская деревня миллионеров

Today, Huaxi is the only village in the world that even has its own skyscraper. The 328-meter Longxi International Hotel was completed in 2011. And nearby is a local amusement park, which can be seen not only from the observation deck, but also from a helicopter.

Хуаси - китайская деревня миллионеров

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