Elysium RV – $2.5 Million Luxury RV with Helipad

Most people couldn’t resist buying a motorhome so they can travel the world without restrictions. However, the realities of today dictate their conditions. Thus, the main factor is the price, therefore, considering the high cost, the proposal will be moot for at least 5 years. However, you will change your mind when you see the Elysium motorhome. It is an ultra-modern house whose presentation took place at the last CES show in Las Vegas in early 2017.

Elysium RV — роскошный дом на колесах

The bus is equipped taking into account the preferences of the average customer. Among other advantages, a helipad and a Robinson R22 mini helicopter are available. On the roof of a modern house there is a terrace with a jacuzzi. Needless to say, what quality is available when watching films and series for the first customers applying for luxury apartments?

The cost is about 2.5 million dollars and, apparently, this is justified by comfortable conditions. It has everything the average seeker of a good rest can only dream of: a fridge, bedroom, smart toilet and shower, 4K TVs and a kitchen. The bus is currently a demo version of Furrion and is therefore not available for purchase. For reference: this company specializes in the installation of technical solutions for the sale of yachts and motorhomes. A helipad is the best solution for parking an airplane on the roof.

Elysium RV — роскошный дом на колесах

The length of the house is 13 meters. In the evening or when the weather permits, the rooftop is the best place for romantic encounters or relaxation.

Elysium RV — роскошный дом на колесах

A mobile home is perhaps better furnished than most apartments, without exaggeration. The design is bold, but justified by the price factor.

The control panel works when you press the buttons – no significant effort is required to activate it. It should be noted that you can land the plane if necessary. The platform can find other uses. Here, you are only limited by your imagination. The appearance of transport is comparable to outer space. As previously stated, the design is bold, so there will be no end to buyers judging by the presentation.

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