Mobile Home Blob VB3․ The interior of this house is simply amazing

The Belgian architectural office dmvA has developed a very interesting project for a portable house. The Blob VB3 mobile home is an egg-shaped house that can be placed anywhere.


The house is equipped with all the amenities necessary for life: shower, bathroom, bedroom, living room and office. And the nose of the house that opens can serve as a terrace with a cozy awning.


The features of the Blob VB3 house are really only up to your imagination. Whether it is a guest house, a personal library or an office. The house can perform any function and has no specific purposes.

Blob VB3

The main advantage of the project is its mobility. Relatively simple transportation will allow you to arrange a dwelling even on the top of the mountain, if you have the opportunity to call a helicopter.

Blob VB3

Have you always wanted to live by the lake, without depriving yourself of the conveniences of civilization, dreamed of finding nature in a dense forest away from the hustle and bustle? Then Blob VB3 is the best option to fulfill your dream.

Blob VB3

It took a year and a half to develop the project, but the result is worthy of respect. Many will find something for themselves in this house.

Blob VB3

The modern minimalist design in no way spoils the image of the surrounding nature. The total area of ​​​​the dwelling is 20 square meters, enough for one person, and possibly for a couple.

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