Brazil’s ‘Living Barbie’ turns her pool mansion into a pink paradise

What’s your favorite color ? When this question was asked to this Brazilian influencer, she does not hesitate to answer: “Rose, of course!” Let’s say more, Bruna Barbie dedicated her life to this pink color. In her world, everything is pink, from cosmetics to clothes, including the car and the swimming pool…

Meet Bruna Coralina Perez from Brazil, a former lawyer. On the Internet, she is known as Bruna Barbie.

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У Барби, которая делиться своей розовой жизнью в соцсетях насчитывается около 18,9 миллиона подписчиков.

Bruna is known for her over-the-top love of Barbies and the color pink. So much so that she managed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make her house and everything she owns pink.

Barbie, who shares her pink life on social media, has around 18.9 million followers.

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Каждый контент Бруны Барби, которая показывает свой дом и образ жизни, набирает миллионы просмотров.

Bruna is also among the 10 most followed Brazilians on social media.

Every Bruna Barbie content that shows her house and lifestyle gets millions of views.

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Такой интерес к жизни Бруны исходит из ее преданности Барби и розовому цвету.

Such interest in Bruna’s life comes from her devotion to Barbie and the color pink.

She spent around 163,000 euros to create the house of her dreams.

Even the water in the pool at her house is pink!

Даже вода в бассейне ее дома розовая!

And also a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen appliances, all clothes; everything you can think of is pink.

А еще спальня, ванная комната, кухонная техника, вся одежда; все, что может прийти вам в голову, розовое.

Bruna also bought herself an enlarged copy of the Barbie toy car, released in 2021.

Также Бруна купила для себя увеличенную копию игрушечной машины Барби, выпущенную в 2021 году.

While the money she spends may seem fabulous to many people, the situation is not quite what it seems on the outside.

Хотя деньги, которые она тратит, могут показаться баснословными для многих людей, ситуация не совсем такая, как кажется извне.

A huge amount of cosmetics, clothes, furniture, etc., Bruna receives from the many brands with which she collaborates.

“I finally realized my cherished dream. Yes, I have a pink dollhouse.”

"Я наконец-то осуществила свою заветную мечту. Да, у меня есть розовый кукольный домик."

“I have earned a lot of money from my successful work as an influencer. And then, inspired by my love for pink, I was able to own a Barbie house.”

Bruna was popular even before she opened her house for Barbie, but thanks to the project, her popularity has increased even more.

Бруна была популярна еще до того, как открыла свой дом для Барби, но благодаря проекту ее популярность возросла еще больше.

It seems impossible not to draw parallels between Bruna and the popular doll, but Bruna says she doesn’t copy it, just uses it as inspiration.

Кажется невозможным не провести параллели между Бруной и популярной куклой, но Бруна говорит, что она не копирует ее, а просто использует ее для вдохновения.

Bruna’s popularity on the Internet grew so much that she had to make a decision.

Bruna was faced with a choice: continue to share her passion for pink and Barbie with everyone on web television, or pursue her career as a lawyer.

Перед Бруной стоял выбор: продолжать делиться своей страстью к розовому цвету и Барби со всем миром тв Сети, либо продолжить свою юридическую карьеру.

Bruna decided that it would be very difficult to work full time and manage social media at the same time, so she decided to quit her career as a lawyer.

And how would you do it? Share in the comments!

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