Which banana would you choose? Your health depends on it!

Bananas are great as an addition to morning oatmeal and as a separate healthy snack. And how good are they for smoothies!

But did you know that the color of a banana has a lot to do with your health?

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Almost everyone knows that. But it turns out that bananas of different colors have different beneficial properties.

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Бананы — отличный источник калия. Об этом знают практически все. Но, оказывается, бананы разных цветов имеют и разные полезные свойства.

Remember that your health depends on your response.

Let’s get to the results!

1. Green bananas

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Зеленые бананы

If you have blood sugar issues, green bananas are a great choice because they have a low glycemic index. Green bananas also contain more fiber, which can help improve digestion.

2. Yellow-green bananas

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Желто-зеленые бананы

These bananas are perfect for satisfying your hunger. They’re slightly higher in carbs (meaning they keep you full longer), but yellow-green bananas also help maintain acceptable blood sugar levels.

3. Yellow bananas

Желтые бананы

For most people, this banana color is the most ideal. When bananas turn completely yellow, they are easier to peel and taste sweeter. This happens because the starch in them turns into sugar. And the antioxidants present in yellow bananas protect us from diseases.

4. Bananas with dark spots

Бананы с темными вкраплениями

They are high in sugar, but some scientists claim that bananas are good for cancer patients. Since bananas with dark spots are immune system boosters.

5. Brown bananas

Коричневые бананы

These bananas are full of tryptophan, which is used to fight depression and anxiety. They are also good for muscle and bone health. Brown bananas are therefore ideal as a post-workout snack.

Well, now that you know how the color of bananas affects your health, which banana would you choose?

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